“Temptation of the Devil” by Trevor Bauer.Dodgers, who lack a starting pitcher, is approaching the day of determination

Trevor Bauer

It is the LA Dodgers who have to decide on the future of Trevor Bauer (31), a “troubled person.” Expectations of his future are mixed. The Dodgers will be tested for the “Devil’s Temptation” named Bauer.

Trevor Bauer (31), who was investigated by the prosecution for sexual assault in June last year, was suspended for 324 games by the Major League Baseball Secretariat in April after administrative leave. The Major League Baseball Secretariat, which established the principle of zero tolerance to crack down on sexual violence and domestic violence, suspended the game regardless of the prosecution’s investigation.

However, the LA District Prosecutors’ Office has already been indicted on charges of sexual assault due to insufficient evidence. Bauer’s side naturally appealed to the secretariat’s disciplinary action, and the disciplinary action was reduced to 194 games after eight months of discussion.

Now, Draver Bauer can take the mound again if he takes disciplinary action in 52 games this year. However, the Dodgers seemed to be trying to “cut off” Bauer early on. For the Dodgers club, which has strict discipline and culture, Bauer, who is rumored to be under investigation by the prosecution, has no choice but to feel like a “eye prick.” Not only the Dodgers club but also the team turned their backs on Bauer.

Maybe a natural choice. However, the Dodgers are still undecided. First of all, the financial damage is severe. He signed a three-year, $102 million contract ahead of the 2021 season, but the Dodgers couldn’t even make good use of Bauer. From the time the investigation into sexual assault began, only the annual salary leaked as the paid administrative leave process began. You have to pay except for the remaining 52 games this year.

The Major League Baseball secretariat gave the Dodgers 14 days. The decision on whether to register Bauer on the 40-man roster must be made by January 7 next year. The Dodgers have about a week left to make a decision. The Dodgers are still undecided, but the prospects are mixed.

“If they had decided how to act when Bauer’s lottery decision was made, they wouldn’t have to have had 14 days,” said Bill Shaikin, a columnist for “LA Times,” in an interview with Dodger Nation, which deals with the Dodgers news on the 30th. They couldn’t decide on the answer because they weren’t sure what decision to make. They’ll want to take everything into consideration,” he said, adding, “I think there’s a chance that Bauer will remain in LA. Because they haven’t released Bauer yet. Still a member of the Dodgers organization. They expected him to return to the 40-man roster by Jan. 7 and remain with the Dodgers until they officially say, ‘We don’t want Bauer anymore as a member of our club.’

However, some believe that the Dodgers are treating Traver Bauer outside of their power. On this day, MLB.com did not include Bauer’s name in the starting lineup while explaining the Dodgers’ off-season assignments. Tyler Anderson and Andrew Heaney moved to the Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers, respectively, and there is no reinforcement, but they thought of Bauer beyond their power. 안전놀이터

Media have signed Noah Syndergaard to the starting lineup of Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urias, Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May. This is a legitimate five-member starting lineup,’ he said, adding, “But is this enough?The season is long and there will be injuries to the starting lineup. Gonsolin was unable to pitch full-time and May came back from Tommy John surgery. Kershaw can have a back injury at any time. For this reason, I’m looking for another experienced starting pitcher,’ he explained.

Promising players such as Ryan Peppiot, Andre Jackson, Michael Grove, Bobby Miller, and Gavin Stone were also expected to be appointed, but Bauer’s name was not included. As he is the winner of the 2020 Cy Young Award, Bauer is definitely a helpful pitcher in his condition. The Dodgers have no choice but to fall into a swamp of agony.

Will the Dodgers play 2023 with Bauer, the “troubled” again? Will the Dodgers be able to overcome the devilish temptation of Bauer at a time when the stronghold of the “world’s strongest” collapsed?

“Temptation of the Devil” by Trevor Bauer.Dodgers, who lack..

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