That RFT FifT storm is upsetting the viewers


Viewers are complaining about “Unanswered Questions,” which deals with the group Pit P Pitty scandal. The complaint exploded as the Korea Communications Standards Commission received a complaint.

As a result of Star News coverage on the 21st, viewers’ complaints about SBS’s “I Want to Know” broadcast, which aired on the 19th, were pouring in. It has been confirmed that 115 complaints have been received as of 9:30 a.m. on the 21st of the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

“Unanswered Questions” aired the “Billboard and Girl Group – Who Broke Their Wings” episode on the 19th. It contains information on the previously known dispute over the exclusive contract between Fifteen and the agency Attract.

“Unanswered Questions” dealt with what was previously known through the media in connection with the dispute over the contract between PFT and Attract. It also filed an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of the exclusive contract against Fifteen’s Attract and included family interviews with the members.

In addition, he/she also reported the interviews with Pifty Pifty, an external force in the dispute, and the opinions of Pifty Pifty’s lawyer.

In addition, Attract reported on the settlement fee issue mentioned by Pfty Pfti. Regarding the settlement fee issue, Attract said, “The amount that Attract has borrowed from Enterprise B so far is KRW 3 billion in direct expenses and KRW 3.3 billion in indirect expenses.” The amount included 1.6 billion won in the current account balance of Attratt, he said. “The amount that the members have to pay back is 3 billion won in direct expenses.” “It is false information that I heard from a third party that I have to pay back 6 billion won,” he claimed.

In addition, “Unanswered Questions” also dealt with the original demo song of Fifty Fifty’s song “Cupid.” The original demo song of “Cupid” and the lyrics of the released “Cupid” are similar except for three words. In the meantime, CEO Ahn of Dougie Bus said that he posted his name, not the names of the original authors.

After the broadcast, “I Want to Know It” was strongly criticized by viewers.

Viewers argued that “I Want to Know It” appealed to emotions in relation to Pfty Pfty’s claim.

In addition, MC Kim Sang-joong of “Unanswered Questions” pointed out the opaque profit settlement problem for idol singers, saying, “It is true that no one paid attention to the numerous idols who disappeared behind them until BTS stood tall as a world-class group.” It was pointed out that this attracted unrelated BTSs and drove the issue.

Regarding the Fifty Fifty incident dealt with in “Unanswered Questions,” many viewers argued that it was “biased.” Some argued that it was not a balanced coverage, but that they unilaterally listened to the story of one side (Fifty Pifty) and sided with him.

As a result, the ‘Unanswered Questions’ viewer bulletin board is currently posting a series of complaints from viewers

That RFT FifT storm is upsetting the viewers

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