The hottest mask girl Lee Hanbyul’s first pictorial


New actor Lee Han-byul, who played the first Kim Mo-mi in Netflix’s drama “Mask Girl,” unveiled her face in a fashion magazine pictorial.

In the interview that followed after the shooting, Lee Han-byul said, “It’s my first time doing a lot of things these days, so I’m continuing to be nervous,” adding, “I was more worried than when I filmed ‘Mask Girl.’ I can’t speak beautifully and I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake. “It’s a grateful opportunity to talk about my work, so I’m trying to do well,” he said

Regarding the many auditions he had to take as a rookie, he said, “I went to a department that had nothing to do with acting. “I decided to act in earnest and started appearing in short films at the end of my 20s,” he said. “I met the director (Kim Yong-hoon) after a few auditions, and that was not the end. “I spent four months on auditions,” he said.

Regarding the reason for his casting, Lee Han-byul said, “Momi’s dream was frustrated for reasons that she couldn’t do anything about, but she wears a mask and broadcasts in the process. The director replied, “I think I felt something similar to Momi’s aspiration from the way I’ve been living to act and prepare 광주호스트바

In Netflix’s “Mask Girl,” which was released on the 18th, Lee Han-byul played Kim Mo-mi, who wanted to be a celebrity but couldn’t achieve her dream due to her appearance complex. Lee Han-byul’s pictorial and interview can be seen in the September issue of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar

The hottest mask girl Lee Hanbyul’s first pictorial

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