The Little Mermaid and Disney Beauty and the Beast


Disney has made headlines for casting a black top star in the heroine of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” following the movie “The Little Mermaid.”

World-renowned R&B singer Huh (H.E.R.) released a poster for “Beauty and the Beast” on her Instagram on the 7th.

In the poster, Huh, who turned into the heroine Bell, was shown. Heo attracts attention by wearing a yellow suit, not the dress in the original.

This “Beauty and the Beast” was produced as a special broadcast to commemorate the 30th anniversary. It will be released on ABC on the 15th and streamed on Disney Plus, a Disney OTT, on the 16th.

Earlier, the program announced a special casting. The role of Herr Bell and Josh Groban as the Beast.

However, as Disney casts a series of actors of color in the work, there are voices of regret. This is because Disney casts Halley Bailey, a black man, as Ariel in the live-action film “The Little Mermaid. 부산출장마사지

Attention is focusing on what results Disney will come up with between the voices of “new challenge” and “damaging the original.”

The Little Mermaid and Disney Beauty and the Beast

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