The other position reinforcement announced that he gave up recruiting Liverpool Bellingham first, and the Bellingham recruitment match is a two-way match between Manchester City and Real


Liverpool will withdraw from the recruitment of Jude Bellingham (20, Dortmund), one of Europe’s top prospects.

Multiple British media outlets said on the 12th (Korea Standard Time) that Liverpool has decided to step down from the competition to recruit Bellingham. Bellingham is considered one of the best midfielders in Europe. Now he’s only 20, but he plays at the highest level. Bellingham, who was recognized for his potential through Birmingham, wore a Dortmund uniform in the summer of 2020, leaving behind several big clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea.

Bellingham has grown into a world-class player in Dortmund. He showed off his versatility not only in the center, but also in defense, offense, and side midfielders. Bellingham is said to have all the virtues a midfielder should have, including wide movements, excellent skills, and a strong mentality that rarely falters. It has also established itself as a key resource for the England national team. He also performed best in the last Qatar World Cup. Based on this performance, Michael Mueller also voted Bellingham as the No. 1 player in the FIFA Player of the Year vote. Bellingham has 20 goals and 25 assists in 127 matches for Dortmund.

European football statistics media transfermarkt listed the highest ransom players for players born in 2001 to 2003, of which Bellingham was the highest. His value amounted to 120 million euros. Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich), who is of the same age, followed with 110 million euros

Big club love calls poured into Bellingham. Liverpool was one of them. Liverpool’s biggest concern, which is having its worst slump this season, is the midfield. With the recruitment of Darwin Nunes, Diogo Jota, and Luis Dias, the attackers have changed generations to some extent, but the midfield is different. In particular, this season, the balance between offense and defense has completely collapsed with a series of injuries in the midfield. Promising players barely filled the gap with the appearance, but it was not enough.

Liverpool pointed to Bellingham as a resource to solve such problems in the midfield. It’s been a long time of work was done. At one time, Bellingham showed great interest in going to Liverpool, and there were reports that Liverpool was leading the recruitment race.

However, Liverpool decided to withdraw from the recruitment match, judging that it was difficult to afford the transfer fee demanded by Dortmund. Head coach Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool leaders concluded that Dortmund could not pay £100 million, which they are using as the Maginot Line. Liverpool has many positions to recruit, including central defense, in addition to the midfield. As the budget has not increased significantly, it also took into account the reality that there is not much money.

Instead, Liverpool are expected to focus on bringing in Chelsea’s Mason Mount. Mount’s contract with Chelsea is until next summer. Chelsea are also expected to actively go to the negotiating table this summer for the transfer fee as Mount will be released to FA in a year

As Liverpool has declared its abandonment, the recruitment of Bellingham is expected to take place in a two-way race between Manchester City and Real Madrid. Manchester United are still interested in Bellingham, but Manchester United’s top priority is to strengthen front-line strikers. Not as active as Manchester City or Real Madrid. Currently, Bellingham is known to have a good opinion of both Manchester City and Real Madrid. Manchester City has opened the door with Dortmund by recruiting Elling Holland. Holland is also actively recommending a reunion with Bellingham. As Manchester City does not lose ground when it comes to money, it plans to bring Bellingham and raise him as the successor to Bernardu Silvana Ilkay Gündogan 실시간카지노

Real Madrid, which is seeking a generational change, has spotted Bellingham as a midfielder who will be paired with Federico Valverde, Orelio Chouameni and Eduardo Camavinga. The idea is to succeed the legendary Kkamo, Tony Cross-Kasemiru-Luka Modric line. Of course, although it is urgent to recruit Kylian Mbappe, Real Madrid’s plan is to make a bold investment in Bellingham

The other position reinforcement announced that he gave up

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