“The Second Beyonce” Normani releases “Wild Side”


Normani, a former member of girl group Fifth Harmony, will release a new song “Wild Side” with global rap star Cardi B. 안전놀이터

The pop music industry is paying attention to what harmony Normani, armed with his excellent singing skills and explosive dance skills, will achieve when he meets with the best female rapper, Cardi B.

Normani is a member of the world-renowned girl group Fife’s Harmony. Camila Cabello, who is gaining popularity in Korea, is also known to be from the Piffs Harmony. Normani is also popular for his soulful voice, which is suitable for the main vocal position, as well as his best dance skills among the members. Normani’s dance, full of stage presence and charisma, shines in live performances.

In 2018, the “Love Lies” stage with global R&B star Khalid at the Billboard Awards was praised by music critics around the world as an all-time performance.

In addition to his outstanding singing ability, he has also collaborated with many pop stars such as Sam Smith, Calvin Harris and Pitbull.

“Motivation,” which was released in 2019, has been consistently popular throughout the world, including Billboard Hot 100, UK singles, Canada and Australia, and has surpassed 140 million YouTube views until recently.

Music fans expect ‘Wild Side’ with global rap star Cardi B to break the previous record.

The new song will be accompanied by Cardi B, nicknamed “the hottest female rapper in the world.”

The new song, which is simple in composition and full of tension, is attractive with Normani’s inhaling voice and Cardi B’s wild rap.

The music video, which is led by two strong performers, is also expected to receive enthusiastic responses. The music video was taken by Tanu Muino, a video director who made his name widely known in the domestic music and art circles. Tanu Muino has worked as a director of Lil Nas X’s “Call Me By Your Name” and Cardi B’s “Up” music videos, which were praised for their exceptional and visual beauty.

In the “Wild Side” music video, Tanu Muino also showed the charm of Normani and Cardi B. Normani demonstrates his ability by showing dynamic dance lines even in simple beats. Cardi B also has a confident look and voice that matches his nickname. The music video, which showed off their charms with bold exposure and outstanding visual beauty, is also one of the reasons why “Wild Side” is expected to surpass the previous one.

Normani’s nickname, “The Second Beyonce,” has become a decent solo artist with her soulful voice and splendid dance skills. Proving its soaring popularity, fans are rooting for Normani to become a pop icon, not a “second person.” Normani’s unconventional new song, “Wild Side,” completed with global rap star Cardi B, will be available on all music sites from July 15, and the music video will be available on Normani’s official YouTube channel.

“The Second Beyonce” Normani releases “Wild Side”

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