“The short-run horse stimulated Son Heung-min revival”…Watch the match against Man City.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham), who was criticized for his poor performance, signaled his revival.

Son Heung-min

Tottenham won 3-0 in the round of 32 of the 2022-23 FA Cup against Preston North End FC (second division) at Deepdale Stadium in Preston, England, on the 29th of last month. With this victory, Tottenham settled in the round of 16.

Son Heung-min started and was responsible for the team’s victory. In the 5th minute of the second half, he scored the first goal with a fantastic left-footed mid-range shot, and in the 14th minute of the second half, he reported a multi-goal with a fantastic left-footed turning shot. It was the moment when Son Heung-min’s seventh and eighth goals of the season and 11 offensive points (8 goals and 3 assists) appeared.

The British press, which was full of criticism, was plastered with praise. “Football London” in England is described as “Super Son.” Tottenham fans who filled the stadium also responded with a “standing ovation” when Son Heung-min left in the 39th minute of the second half.

Son Heung-min, who finished preheating against the second division league, has now come to fire a true resurrection. It is a big match against Manchester City on the 6th. It is the best game for Son Heungmin to announce his perfect revival.

There is a media outlet that emphasized to pay attention to Son Heung-min in this game. In particular, Son Heung-min is expected to move more actively as he is stimulated by the recruitment of Arnaut Danzuma.

As Son Heung-min’s slump continued, Dansuma was evaluated as a substitute to fill Son Heung-min’s slump. Some media even predicted that Son Heung-min could lose his starting position to Danju horse. Son Heung-min has no choice but to be stimulated.

England’s ‘football365’ said, “Recently, Tottenham has struggled alone with Harry Kane. Son Heungmin was sluggish. Under these circumstances, the Danshu horse came at the right time. The arrival of Danju horse may have prompted Son Heungmin to get out of his slump. Tottenham definitely needs the former Son Heungmin to return, he reported.

The media then said, “In the last match against Preston, Son Heungmin was the most active striker. It was a performance that could give coach Conte strength. Skillful touch, bold finish, and former Son Heungmin seemed to have returned. Son Heungmin should also be shown against Manchester City. “We have to show that this kind of performance is sustainable with the Danju horse and Hishalisong waiting,” he stressed.

“The short-run horse stimulated Son Heung-min revival”…Watch

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