‘There was a Bey Theater buzzerbeater behind Tamson’ GSW halts five consecutive wins due to defeat against DET


Golden State lost to Detroit.

The Golden State Warriors lost 119-122 to the Detroit Pistons in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 5th (Korea Standard Time).

Golden State lost to Detroit, which was at the bottom of the league before the match, and failed to challenge for six consecutive games. The absence of Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Cumminga was huge.

Golden State scored 30 points, including a three-point shot by Clay Thompson just before the end, but was defeated. Jordan Full (24 points) made a decisive turnover and bowed his head. Bench resources Ty Jerome (18 points) and Anthony Lam (17 points) also performed well, but the team’s defeat faded.

Detroit played the role of an ace with Bogdan Bogdanovic pouring out 29 points. Sadick Bay (17 points) hit a dramatic winning shot with a buzzer.

In the first quarter, as Detroit hit Bogdanovic and Ezea Stewart’s outer guns first, Golden State responded with Rams’ consecutive three-point shots. However, Detroit did not lose its edge with Kylian Hayes and Jeilan Durren adding strength. Golden State, which failed to bring a lead despite Jerome’s performance, finished the first quarter 26-34.

At the start of the second quarter, Golden State succeeded in reversing the game by adding eight points in a row by Pool and a three-point shot by Moses Moody. In Detroit, which had been shaken, Sadick Bay and Hamidou Diallo settled the situation.

Golden State failed to continue the flow due to Draymond Green’s technical foul. Since then, Golden State, which had a close race with bench members Lam and Jerome, ended the first half 56-60.

Even in the third quarter, the two teams continued their fierce battle. Golden State was once eight points behind Bogdanovic as it rarely stopped him, but it rebounded again this time due to the performance of the Six Men. Golden State, where Ram and Moody scored alternately and narrowed the gap, finished the third quarter 88-91.

Golden State, where Jerome and Patrick Baldwin Jr. led the attack in the fourth quarter, eventually succeeded in reversing with Tamson’s dunk. As Detroit immediately launched a counterattack, Golden State supported the team with Tamson, who revived his shot, scoring three-point shots in a row.

However, Detroit also did not give up the mood by hitting three-point shots by Bogdanovic and Bucks. Golden State, which revived to the grass, also engaged in an all-out war, making it difficult to know the victory or defeat until the end of the game.

Detroit was the team that showed more concentration on the game. Detroit, where three-point shots continued, ran away by five points with 1 minute and 30 seconds left before Bay’s outer shot. Golden State, which had been chaotic, was even hit by bad news that Draymond Green stepped down with a technical foul.

But Golden State, who didn’t give up, followed again with Tamson’s back-to-back goals. Golden State, which did not lose hope despite Jordan Pool’s fatal turnover, scored a dramatic tie-breaking three-point shot with a sharp pattern play with 1.0 seconds left before the end.

However, a player who scored a more dramatic shot than Tamson appeared. Detroit’s last attack with 1.0 seconds left, Bay, who attempted to shoot as soon as he caught the ball, ended the game with a dramatic game-ending buzzer beater.

‘There was a Bey Theater buzzerbeater behind Tamson’ GSW..

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