This country that Korean fans are familiar with including Valentin Bernadina and Bogartz


The Dutch national team played a practice game against the Hanwha Eagles.

The Netherlands are in Group A along with Taiwan, Cuba, Italy and Panama at the upcoming WBC. The Netherlands, which is currently training in Arizona, USA, will start the competition in Taiwan from the 8th of next month (Korea Standard Time). Before that, he gained a sense of practice through a practice game with Hanwha.

The Netherlands are Vladimir Valentin, Roger Bernadina, and Didi Gregorius in the match against Hanwha, which has been held since the 20th. A large number of familiar players from Korean baseball fans, including Andrelton Simmons, participated. In particular, Bernadina, the Hotajun tribe, was loved as the winning member who led the KIA championship in 2017.

Valentin became the Asian home run king by hitting 60 home runs in Yakult, Japan in 2013. Valentin is expected to retire after the tournament. Other players included Gregorius, a Yankees shortstop, and Simmons, a former Chicago Cubs shortstop, who played in the Major League until last year.

Like South Korea, major leaguers such as Xander Bogartz have yet to join the Dutch national team. Bogartz is a big shortstop who signed a 10-year, $280 million contract with San Diego this season. If Bogartz and Detroit Tigers Jonathan Scoop join, infield defense is expected to be higher 스포츠토토

Bernadina met with South Korean reporters after the match on the 22nd and said, “This national team is receiving a lot of attention. “I want to join as one and advance to the next round,” he said. Attention is focusing on whether the Netherlands and South Korea will be able to pass the preliminary round side by side and meet in the second round.

This country that Korean fans are familiar with including

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