Tom Cruise’s Scientology has kept her daughter out of Suri for 10 years

Tom Cruise's

The current relationship between Tom Cruise and daughter Suri Cruise has been revealed.

On the 19th (Korea Standard Time), the British Daily Mail said, “Suri Cruise is likely to become a ‘nepo baby’ (a person who is likely to succeed thanks to his famous parents),” and highlighted his relationship with his divorced biological father Tom Cruise.

Suri Cruise is now 16, and it has been more than a decade since he appeared in public with Tom Cruise, foreign media said. “A teenage girl (Suri Cruise) and her father (Tom Cruise) in their 60s are known to have a complicated relationship after their parents’ divorce, because Suri Cruise does not follow his father Tom Cruise’s religion, Scientology.”

Katie Holmes took custody of her 6-year-old daughter Suri Cruise when she divorced Tom Cruise in 2012. Tom Cruise was also given the right to negotiate interviews, but he didn’t see each other very often.

Tom Cruise also filed a $50 million lawsuit against a media outlet for reporting that “Tom abandoned his daughter,” which he said at the time was “too busy with his movie schedule.” He explained, “I couldn’t control myself,” and “I called my daughter every day instead.”

Meanwhile, Suri Cruise is steadily building her career as a celebrity, singing the OST of her mother Katie Holmes’s movie. In the 2022 film “Alone Together,” Suri sang the opening song, “Blue Moon.”

Suri Cruise has been popular for its doll-like visuals since the past. Attention is focusing on whether Suri Cruise, who has been loved so much, will make his debut as a singer and take a full-fledged celebrity path.

Tom Cruise’s Scientology has kept her daughter out of Suri

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