Tottenham is pushing for an “extraordinary recruitment”… Will the club change to “4th place in transfer fees ever?”


Tottenham is pushing again to recruit Spanish right wingback Pedro Pororo (24, Sporting CP). The player also wants to transfer to Tottenham, so what remains is negotiation of transfer fees between clubs. The sports club’s demand is 45 million euros, the fourth-largest transfer fee in Tottenham’s history.

“Tottenham will push to recruit Pedro prisoner again this week,” said Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, on the 16th. “A new recruitment negotiation between Tottenham and the Sporting club will be held soon.” Although it seemed difficult to recruit him due to wide differences in the recent transfer fee negotiations, the Tottenham club will set up a negotiating table with Sporting CP again.

Pedro Pororo, a native of Rayo Bayekano and Girona Youth in Spain, once received a lot of attention when he joined Manchester City, but he went through Valladolid and Sporting CP loans without receiving a chance at Manchester City. Since then, Sporting CP has fully recruited Pedro Pororo through an 8.5 million euros buyout in May last year.

In Sporting CP, he also showed his strength in offense, scoring nine goals in two seasons, even though he is a right defender. This season, he is also continuing his strong performance with 2 goals and 10 assists in 23 games of the season, including 1 goal and 5 assists in 13 league games.

Antonio Conte (54, Italy), who is not satisfied with the right defense with Emerson Royal and Matt Doherty, has steadily pushed to reinforce this position, and Pedro Pororo has emerged as a target for recruitment. “Petero also wants to transfer to Tottenham,” Romano added.

The key is the transfer fee after all. This is because Sporting CP club is known to be sticking to Pedro Prisoner’s buyout (transfer allowance) of 45 million euros. The transfer fee of 45 million euros is the fourth highest in Tottenham’s history after Tangi Ndombele (60 million euros), Hishalisson (58 million euros), and Christian Romero (50 million euros). Looking back on the size of Tottenham’s usual investment, it is only possible if there is an unconventional level of decision.

Tottenham is pushing for an “extraordinary recruitment”… Will the..

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