Tsutsugo hits after Pittsburgh transfer. Three homers in five days.


Is the sun finally shining on Japanese batter Tsutago Yoshitomo?

Tsutsugo, who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates this season alone, fired home runs again in two days.

Tsutsugo made his third solo shot of the season in the bottom of the seventh inning at home against

the Arizona Diamondbacks at PNC Park on the 24th.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, he replaced pitcher Chad Curl, who was trailing 2-5,

and hit Arizona reliever Taylor Clark’s 95.7-mile fastball to make a superior solo shot.

Pittsburgh, which gained momentum with Tsutsugo’s home run, even scored a three-base hit by Brian Reynolds,

adding two more runs to tie the game 5-5, returning the game to square one.

Pittsburgh later came from behind to win 6-5 with a grounder in front of shortstop Kebrien Hayes,

a one-out grand slam made with three walks in the bottom of the eighth inning.

In the end, it can be said that Han, who changed the flow of Tsutugo, opened the door to a come-from-behind victory.파워볼사이트

He has good grades after wearing Pittsburgh uniform. He had six hits in 18 at-bats (0.333 batting average), three home runs,

and four RBIs. In particular, he has hit three home runs in the last five days, strengthening his position as a big shot.

He also came out as a pinch hitter and hit two home runs in three at-bats, planting a good image of hitting a hit in an important moment.

He is completely different from Tsutsugo, who had a batting average of .167 in 26 games and a poor batting average of .

12 in 12 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers during the Tampa Bay season.

Ttsugo, who was released from the Dodgers and talked a lot about his return to Japan,

has finally begun to adapt to the Major League amid constant efforts.

Tsutsugo hits after Pittsburgh transfer. Three homers in five days.

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