TWICE NAYEON, body suit with her thighs exposed


TWICE Nayeon’s behind-the-scenes cuts have been released.

Nayeon, a member of the group TWICE, recently posted several photos on her Instagram.

The photo released this time shows Nayeon posing in a Louis Vuitton body suit.

Above all, Nayeon is showing off her sexy beauty, attracting the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, Nayeon released her first mini-album “IM NAYEON” (I am Nayeon) at 1 p.m. (0 p.m. Eastern time) on the 24th and debuted as TWICE’s first solo artist.

The first mini album “IM NAYEON” includes the title song “POP!” and “NO PROBLEM” (Feat. FELIX of Stray Kids)
A total of seven songs were included, including “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” and “Only the sunset is pretty.” 토토사이트

TWICE NAYEON, body suit with her thighs exposed

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