TWICE NAYEON’s back hair is so lovely


On the 9th, Nayeon posted several photos taken in New York, saying, “Set me free (by my back hair).”

In the released photo, Nayeon takes a proof shot in front of the electronic display where TWICE is floating, and poses in tourist mode here and there on the street.

Nayeon wore a cropped T-shirt, gray denim pants, and an oversized leather jacket to show off a natural vintage mood of fashion. On top of that, her pigtails gave off a lovely charm, and the back hair sticking out in a layered cut showed her easy-going side.

Meanwhile, TWICE, to which Nayeon belongs, will release their 12th mini-album “READY TO BE” and their title song “SET ME FREE” at 2 p.m. on the 10th and 0 p.m. Eastern Time in the U.S.

TWICE NAYEON’s back hair is so lovely

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