TWICE’s Jeongyeon is cheering for the second interruption.


Jeongyeon, a member of the group TWICE, announced her second suspension of her activities, and fans are cheering for her.

On the 18th, her agency JYP Entertainment announced to the TWICE fan community that Jeongyeon will stop her activities.

“Jeong-yeon is currently suffering from panic and psychological anxiety disorder,” JYP said. “We have been taking steps to recover while carrying out the schedule, but as the health of the artist is the most important issue, we have reviewed it from various angles, including the opinions of professional medical institutions, and we believe that it is appropriate to have time to focus on recovery.”

“In consultation with myself and the members, I will inform you that Jeongyeon will not attend the upcoming schedule for the time being. As an agency, I will do my best in various aspects so that Jeongyeon can recover with plenty of time and leisure. “We ask for your understanding and ask you to come together so that Jeongyeon can recover well.”

This is the second time Jeongyeon has suspended her activities. Jeong-yeon was suspended once due to health problems in October last year.

In this regard, JYP said, “Jeong-yeon is experiencing great tension and anxiety about the progress of the schedule psychologically,” adding, “In consultation with herself and the members, she needs absolute stability and rest, including additional professional medical measures.” The condition of the artist’s health is more important than anything else. We would like to inform you that we will be absent for the time being from all the schedules including the activities of our second regular album to consider this as our top priority.토토사이트

As a result, Jeongyeon was absent from her second full-length album “Eyes Wide Open,” which was about to be released.

TWICE Jeongyeon returned to the stage at an award ceremony last January. At the time, Da-hyun said, “It’s been a while since we were all together “Thank you, ONCE, for always supporting us,” she said. “Jeongyeon’s joining.”

In June, Jeongyeon also participated in her 10th mini album “Taste of Love” and met fans with the title song “Alcohol-Free” stage.

“Since we’ve been working on this album for a long time, expectations are high for our activities,” said Jeongyeon. In particular, as many fans have waited for TWICE’s refreshing concept, I want to repay their interest and support with various stages and performances. “Since health is the most important thing in this difficult time, I hope we can all take care of our health and meet again soon.”

However, again, she was suspended due to health problems. In particular, TWICE’s member Mina stopped her activities due to psychological tension and anxiety. As a result, fans are worried about him and cheering for his speedy recovery.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon is cheering for the second interruption.

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