TWICE’s TZUYU’s first selfie since she started social innocent and glamorous figure


Tzuyu revealed how she’s been doing.

Tzuyu, a member of the group TWICE, posted photos on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 18th.

The photo released together this time shows Tzuyu taking a selfie.

Above all, Tzuyu was wearing a pure white dress and showed off her dazzling beauty, drawing attention from viewers.

Meanwhile, TWICE held a total of three solo concerts at Tokyo Dome, called the “Holy Land of Japanese Performance,” for three days from the 23rd to the 25th of last month.

Through three performances at Tokyo Dome, they proved their unrivaled position by writing a history of being the “first K-pop girl group” that achieved three consecutive performances and sales at Tokyo Dome, following the shortest entry in the history of overseas artists.

TWICE’s TZUYU’s first selfie since she started social media.

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