U-Know Yunho became an actor after 5 years


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) will return to acting for the first time in five years.

An official from the entertainment industry said on the 2nd to Sports Chosun, “U-Know Yunho will join the lead role in the new drama “Race” by Kim Ruri, who wrote “Hyena.” “Race” is a work that depicts our life race living in a rapidly changing digital age.

Park Yoon-jo, a 90-year-old white horse woman born in 1990, who has pioneered her life, has a smart head, a warm heart, and a just and good world, but she has zero expectations for the company.

U-Know Yunho plays Seo Dong-hoon, the head of public relations agency Earth Communications. Seo Dong-hoon was born in the U.S. and went to middle and high schools in Korea. He graduated from New York Art School in the U.S. and worked for a design company in the U.S After finishing MBA business graduate school, he came to Korea and started working in public relations, and after serving as a manager and team leader, he took the position of CEO. He is an ideal promoter with a flexible mindset that understands the rapidly changing public relations environment, values free expression with long overseas experience, and compromises with the limitations of reality.

In particular, he will actively participate in the love line by forming a love triangle with Park Yoon-jo, played by Lee Yeon-hee, and Ryu Jae-min, played by Hong Jong-hyun. On top of that, he also works with Moon So-ri, who plays Gu Yi-jung.

U-Know will return to acting after about five years through “Race.” U-Know Yunho, who has shown various appearances in “Yawang,” “I Order You,” and “Nightwatchman Diary,” will return to acting for the first time in five years since “Melo Holic,” which aired in 2017. Attention is focusing on what U-Know Yunho will show as he returns after a long time.

U-Know Yunho became an actor after 5 years

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