Ukraine seeks to break ties with Iran ‘provided suicide bombers to Russia’


Ukraine is pushing for a break with Iran, which supplied offensive drones to Russia.

According to Reuters’ report on the 18th (local time), Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleva officially proposed to President Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference, saying, “Iran should take full responsibility for the breakdown of bilateral relations.”

He also stressed that the drone mobilized in the Russian air strike was an Iranian-made Shahid-136, which is full of related evidence.

In addition, Kuleva said he would send an official letter to Israel, which is hostile to Iran, asking for an immediate air defense system while strengthening cooperation in related fields.

Ukraine downgraded diplomatic relations between the two countries by disqualified Iranian ambassador to its country and drastically reducing the number of Iranian diplomats stationed in Kiiu after civilians were killed by an Iranian-made drone operated by Russia on the 23rd of last month. At the time, President Zelensky also ordered that corresponding measures be taken against the use of Iranian-made weapons in Ukraine.

Israel’s official response to the policy has not been made, but the existing position is that weapons are not included in support for Ukraine. Israel maintains an implicit partnership with Russia over the issue of neighboring Syria.

However, there are voices within Israel that the supply of weapons to Ukraine should be supported against the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia.

Recently, Israeli Diaspora Minister Nahman Shay (foreign Koreans) urged on Twitter about the arms deal between Iran and Russia, saying, “There is no doubt where Israel should stand.”

Russia and Iran deny arms deals between the two countries, including drones. “We do not have such information,” the Kremlin said in a briefing. The equipment in use is made in Russia,” he said.

Dmitry Medvedev, vice chairman of the Russian Security Council, said the day before, “It seems that Israel is preparing to provide weapons to Ukraine. It is a very dangerous move, he warned, “This will cause a breakdown in bilateral relations.”

Since the explosion of the Crimean Bridge on the 8th, Russia has been conducting massive air strikes using missiles, rockets, and suicide bombers throughout Ukraine, including Kiwi, since the 10th. Ukraine and the West blame Russia and Iran for the drones mobilized for the attack, and indiscriminate air strikes using them are war crimes.

Ukraine seeks to break ties with Iran ‘provided suicide bombers to Russia’

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