Unprofessional BLACKPINK, disappointed global fans


be unprofessional Performance is definitely the top priority in idol groups’ concerts. But did BLACKPINK forget the importance? He is being humiliated by not being able to perform even the basic choreography properly.

BLACKPINK is conducting a world tour “BORN PINK” from October 2022 to June 2023. YG Entertainment, the agency, praised BLACKPINK’s world tour as the “largest K-pop girl group,” and was enthusiastic about its massive promotion.

According to the agency, the BLACKPINK world tour plans to mobilize more than 1.5 million people from four continents, 26 cities. The performance list has been finalized until June next year.

Starting with Seoul in October, BLACKPINK’s world tour began. BLACKPINK, currently in charge of YG Entertainment’s No. 1 sales, will focus on this world tour this year and next year.

However, is YG Entertainment the only one willing to carry out large-scale projects? It is hard to find passion among BLACKPINK members.

After BLACKPINK’s world tour began, videos of them complaining about the members’ choreography completeness appeared online. Unlike BLACKPINK’s reputation, there are continuous voices that the members on the stage are disappointed in their preparation. It is seen as a more serious situation because it is not a malicious commentator who criticizes BLACKPINK, but a reaction among fans who visited paid performances.

The fact that BLACKPINK, which is not a vocal group, did not properly understand their choreography means that they did not keep basic manners about the performance. If BLACKPINK, who focuses on performance and visuals from their debut, is vulnerable to performance, it can be said that the group has lost its identity.

Some argue that BLACKPINK’s excessive schedule is to blame. In particular, the photo of the member Jisoo highlighted rumors of health problems, and related voices were encouraged. However, the agency confirmed that there was no abnormality in Ji-soo’s health.

In fact, BLACKPINK’s choreography mistakes are consistent points. Even before this world tour, each member has been constantly criticized.

If the lack of practice time is the cause of the dance mistake, it is YG Entertainment’s fault. We should not only draw figures related to the world tour and reveal them as results, but also take care of the internal stability of the performance. If there were members who made mistakes in even the basic choreography, the amount of practice should have been greatly increased.

It was necessary to reduce participation in overseas schedules, especially luxury brand events, and to make the members aware of the need for performance practice.

Otherwise, BLACKPINK seems to need to wake up to the world tour. BLACKPINK is a girl group created by YG Entertainment with a thorough plan. Music, choreography, styling, and everything were all dressed in YG Entertainment’s color, and they treated us splendidly from the beginning.

He has risen to the ranks of world stars at an alarming rate, and has been steadily maintaining that level without going downhill.

Is the concept of a world tour that started too quickly because it achieved success without failure? If the world tour was considered to be simply repeating the process of getting on and off the stage according to the setlist order, it could have been less complete. 토토사이트

At a press conference ahead of the world tour, Ji-soo said, “We are also preparing hard with the determination to pour out all of it,” and Jenny said, “We thought a lot about it because it’s been a long time since we did a tour. I was confident that I was preparing a lot of new things.

However, unlike BLACKPINK’s current popularity, the members’ readiness overshadowed the title of the world tour. If you don’t do your main job properly, even if you are selected as a global luxury brand model right now, it is difficult to extend the validity period.

BLACKPINK’s vitality, which has been in its seventh year since its debut this year, depends on BLACKPINK itself.

Unprofessional BLACKPINK, disappointed global fans

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