Uta Hayano

Uta Hayano

Date of birth: 2000-09-07
Height: 155 cm
Body Size: B92 / W56 / H87
Cup Size: G Cup
Debut: Debut in March, 2021

March 2021 S1 rookie AV actor

A new beautiful AV actress who has been gaining popularity since her debut due to her beautiful looks, white skin, and slim waist, but reliable bust.

On March 19, 2021, she debuted as an AV actor in S1.

Her debut film was directed by Mondo, and her debut work number was SSIS-023,

and she also released it as SSIS-024 part number with a bonus video of Hamedori.

What Uta Hayano like is eating and sleeping. A member of Vista Productions.파워볼게임

Senior actors of the agency include Moe Amatsuka, Marina Shirai City, and Makoto Toda,

and their motives for their debut are MOMO Honda, who is exclusive to FALENO.

Retired on March 19, 2022

Twitter @hayano_uta Instagram @hayano_uta

Uta Hayano

Uta Hayano はやのうた March 2021 S1 rookie AV actor

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