Verbal-gent-BV-Girl Minyoung broke up with a rumor that it was too late


Singer Verbal Jint (Kim Jin-tae, 43) and Brave Girls’ Min-young (Kim Min-young, 33) are embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship, and Verbal Jint said they are “already separated.”

An official from Verbalzint’s agency Arthurside told SportV News on the 24th, “The two were dating, but they are now separated.”

Verbalzint and Min-young were embroiled in rumors of a pink romance that they had been dating for two years with music as a common denominator. In addition, Min-young participated in the composition of the songs “Walking” and “The Will of Black Flower” in the seventh full-length album “Inversion Point” under the alias “Koduram” and featured under the name of “Isabel Kim.”

On the other hand, a Verbaljeant official said, “We used to date, but now we’re separated.”

Verbalgent is currently preparing for a new album, and Minyoung ended her exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment in February, ran a cafe, and is preparing for future activities

Verbal gent BV Girl Minyoung broke up with a rumor that it was

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