weight training, if you do it every day, is it bad for you?

weight training

It is a very well-known fact that weight training is important.

In fact, if you increase your muscle mass, you can enjoy positive health effects such as immunity, physical strength, and aging prevention.

However, it is not good to overdo weight training.

If you work out your muscles every day, your muscles won’t grow properly.

Muscles are made up of a number of muscle fibers, which are fine-damaged if you do muscle exercises.

Satellite cells and proteins, which are cells that help muscle growth, regenerate damaged muscle fibers.

You need a day’s rest to train your muscles with smooth regeneration.

“It takes time for muscles to contract and become ‘thick muscle fibers’ by training the same muscles every day,

which is not good for the body and hormones,” said Dr. Hideyuki Nego, a professor at Harvard University.

Therefore, it is good to rest the day after you do weight training. If you want to do weight training every day, you can do one day’s

upper body exercise and the next day’s lower body exercise.

It is normal to develop moderate muscle pain while exercising muscle strength,

but if severe muscle pain persists, the intensity of exercise should be lowered.

If muscle pain continues to be too painful to walk and not only pain, but also fever and swelling, it is “muscle fatigue.”

The ability of the muscles to gain strength may decrease, which may result in tendons or ligaments being injured.

If you are injured, you may have to take at least a few months off from exercising for as long as a year, so be careful not to get tired in your muscles.

In particular, about three times a week is appropriate for heavy-duty.

If you see a dark brown urine after excessive weight training, it can be rhabdomyolysis.토토사이트

rhabdomyolysis is a symptom in which muscle components melt into the blood as the rhabdomus is damaged due to high-intensity exercise.

If the rhabdomyolysis is not severe, it may heal itself without special treatment, but if the treatment is delayed or if you mistake it as muscle pain and exercise more,

it can lead to acute renal failure and high potassiumemia.

weight training, if you do it every day, is it bad for you?

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