What are the expected specifications for Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?

Galaxy Watch 5

New Watch launches strengthen healthcare device market influence
Ahead of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Unpack event on the 10th, attention is focusing on the smartwatch “Galaxy Watch 5” and the wireless earphone “Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro,” which will be unveiled along with the fourth-generation foldable phone “Galaxy Z Series.”

Samsung Electronics is planning to strengthen its influence in the healthcare device market based on Galaxy Watch 5.

Yang Tae-jong, head of the health development team (vice president) of Samsung Electronics’ MX division, said in an in-house newsroom article on the 3rd, “We are focusing on establishing a new standard for health care experience through the Galaxy Watch series.”

According to the information delivered by foreign media and IT tipsters, the general model of the Galaxy Watch 5 consists of 40mm and 44mm products. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be released at 45mm.

Since a few months ago, attention has been focused on whether to support the Galaxy Watch 5’s body temperature measurement function. Phone Arena, a media outlet specializing in smartphones, raised the possibility of installing the Galaxy Watch 5’s body temperature measurement function in June, saying that the function “measurement of skin temperature during sleep” was added to Samsung’s health app.

However, even if this function is supported, it is widely expected that the temperature of the wrist skin, not the exact body temperature, will only be measured.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to focus on health management functions such as blood pressure and electrocardiogram measurement based on the BioActive sensor that was first introduced in its previous work.

The Galaxy Watch 4 supports ECG, blood pressure, body composition, blood oxygen saturation, and calorie consumption measurement functions. In this new product, sleep health management functions will be strengthened in addition to existing functions. Yang Tae-jong, head of the health development team at Samsung Electronics’ MX division, said, “We have introduced various sleep quality measurement tools and customized sleep coaching programs to help healthy sleep.”

This new product is expected to have longer battery life and stronger charging time than its predecessor. Phone Arena expects the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to continue its battery for about 60% longer than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4, with more than 500mAh batteries.

The charging speed is known to be able to charge up to 45% of the battery for 30 minutes. It is planning to support 10W output USB-C type charging method.

According to IT tipster Evan Blas, the Galaxy Watch 5 regular model consists of six colors: black, silver, green, blue, purple, and beige. There are three types of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: white, black, black, and purple.

The German Win Future reported that the upcoming professional model will be made of titanium material. The basic model is likely to be made of aluminum or stainless steel.

The size of the Galaxy Watch 5 is 9.8mm. It weighs 28.7g for 40mm products and 33.5g for 44mm products. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be 10.5mm thick and 46.5g heavy.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is expected to improve sound quality and battery compared to its predecessor. This new product supports 360-degree audio effects. This increases immersion by aligning the direction and distance of the sound according to the movement of the user’s head.

It will also be equipped with an active noise cancelling (ANC) function that blocks external noise and will support Bluetooth 5.3.

The expected battery usage time is about 8 hours with the ANC function turned off after a full charge. If the case is charged, it can last about 29 hours. The waterproof grade is IPX7, which can be submerged in fresh water. There are three colors: black, white, and purple.

What are the expected specifications for Galaxy Watch 5…

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