What is Dr. Oh Eun-young real “play”? (Oh Eun-young game)

Dr. Oh Eun-young defines the nature of ‘play’.

Oh Eun-young

Ahn Jae-wook, Jung Joon-ho & Lee Ha-jung, In Kyo-jin & So Yi-hyun, Moon Hee-joon & So-yul and Lee Dae-ho will appear with their children in ENA’s “Oh Eun-young Game,” which will premiere on the 24th. “Celeb” parents, who visited our children’s play tutorial for the first time in Korea, said, “I’m really worried about how to play from my parents’ point of view,” and Dr. Oh Eun-young stressed that parents’ concerns are natural, saying, “There can’t be no worries and no worries while raising children.”

The panelists, who decided to appear together with the children, shared their concerns about parenting. Jung Joon-ho and Lee Ha-jung, who have one son and one daughter, said, “Son and daughter have different tendencies. You can’t treat your daughter like you treat your son…”I’m worried about how to educate children of different genders,” he said. The parents of the two daughters, So Yi-hyun and In Kyo-jin, also wondered about the parenting of sisters with the same gender but different ages and tendencies, saying, “I wonder if there will be any games tailored to the child’s age.”

Former baseball player Lee Dae-ho, who has been spending more time with his children since retirement, said, “I’m worried about how to play well. Is there a game that children like and is good for children?” he said, burning with passion to play with children properly. Ahn Jae-wook, a “passionate father,” also said, “The concept of playing with a child seems easy, but it is vague. “I’m worried every day about what else to do and play today,” he said. Soyul & Moon Heejun couple said, “Is there anything I can’t do when I play?”How can I play so that my child can grow up happily?” he said, wondering how to play that helps his child.

Their concerns were something that all parenting people, including parents and grandparents, might have done at least once. The panel asked Dr. Oh Eun-young a question on behalf of all Korean parents. In response to their concerns, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “We need to know the concept of play first. Play is the process of understanding external stimuli and information arising from growth and development, he said. “It is play that helps children’s development areas develop evenly.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young’s play tips will be revealed on “Oh Eun-young Game,” which will premiere on ENA at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night on the 24th.

What is Dr. Oh Eun-young real “play”? (Oh Eun-young game)

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