What is the most popular luxury brand among Chanel and Louis Vuitton?


Italian luxury brand Gucci topped the list of the most popular luxury brands of the year, beating Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Chanel came in second and Louis Vuitton came in third.

Mustit, an online luxury platform, announced on the 6th that it selected the best products and brands based on this year’s sales data, and the results came out. The selected items are clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Montclair was selected as the No. 1 steady-loved steady brand. Luxury sports sneakers brand “Auto” was selected as the No. 1 rising brand.

First of all, the most beloved product in the clothing category is Stone Island’s ‘Wappen Patch Cotton Sweatshirt’. The product received a good response regardless of gender and age with its simple design. Moncler’s “Maya Padding Down Jacket,” Comme de Garth song “Wappen Women’s Cardigan,” Tom Brown’s “Milano Stitch Cardigan,” and Stone Island’s “Crinklaps Down Padding Jacket” ranked second to fifth.

In the shoe category, Nike’s “Air Force 107 All Back Row” topped the list. This product is a steady seller, but it is a shoe that always suffers from a sell-out crisis due to high demand. The next most popular products were Golden Goose’s “Women Superstar Sneakers,” Alexander McQueen’s “Oversol Black Tap White Sneakers,” Dior’s “Work & Dior Sneakers,” and Lolofia or “Summer Cham’s Walk.”

This year’s most popular luxury bag was Gucci’s “Interlocking GG Chain Shoulder Bag.” The company analyzed that it is popular because it can be used in two forms, a shoulder bag and a cross bag, and can be worn regardless of style. It was followed by Prada’s “Tesuto Chain Hobo Bag,” Louis Vuitton’s “Alma BB Monogram Tote Bag,” Saint Laurent’s “Cate Small Shoulder Bag 4 Types,” and Lemer’s “Croasang Bag Small.” They are all fashionable bags.

Finally, Bottega Veneta’s “Casset Card Wallet” ranked the highest in accessories, followed by Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent’s wallets.

Meanwhile, Mustit will hold a special exhibition of the “2022 Best Awards” by collecting products selected as the best products until the 31st of this month. The discount rate is up to 75% and an additional 4% discount coupon is available.

What is the most popular luxury brand among Chanel?

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