Whee In of MAMAMOO, charming and lovely.


MAMAMOO’s Whee In showed off her eight-colored charms.

Mamamoo released a teaser image of Whee In’s “2021 Mamamoo online concert ‘WAW” on its official SNS on August 21.

In the released photo, Whee In dressed up in a striped patterned outfit. He lightly lowered his baby hairs to create a natural hairstyle, giving off an elegant yet alluring charm with a more mature visual.토토사이트

Another photo shows Whee In staring somewhere and smiling brightly. Deeply cut dimples make even those who see the lovely atmosphere with their belly and Whee In’s unique bright and bright energy pleased.

As such, Mamamoo has introduced teaser images that cross innocence and freshness, starting with Hwa Sa, Solar, and Whee In, and many expectations are also high for Moon Byul’s teaser image, which will be released for the last time.

On the 28th, Mamamoo will hold its solo concert “WAW” in two years and a month. “WAW” is Mamamoo’s first online concert since its debut, and as part of the 2021 Where Are We (WAW) project, it will be presented on stage by combining the paths Mamamoo has taken for the past seven years.

Starting with the performance of all-time hit songs that can meet Mamamoo’s lively charm, the company plans to release a new song performance with fresh charms that suits summer for the first time.

In particular, Mamamoo is preparing for a highly completed performance by focusing on stage production such as sets and lighting, as it cannot meet fans offline. Fans’ expectations for “WAW” have been amplified as Mamamoo’s concerts have been praised for their outstanding performance skills as well as their touching harmonies.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo’s first online concert “WAW” will be held on the 28th. Tickets can be booked through Olleh TV, Seezn, and Interpark.

Whee In of MAMAMOO, charming and lovely.

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