YeIn from Lovelyz collaborated with singer Heize


Jung Ye-in, a former member of the group Lovelyz, will return with an album like a page of warm memories in 10 months.

Jung Ye-in released a coming-soon teaser on the 23rd and announced the release of the digital single “Bus Stop.” The released image shows Jung Ye-in holding a film camera and gently closing one eye.

The analog sensibility of the camera and the warm mood double Jung Ye-in’s innocent and lovely charm. In addition, the title of the new album and song called “Bus Stop” will be released together, raising expectations for the new song. 안전공원

In particular, singer-songwriter Heize helped with this album. Heize participated in the production as well as the lyrics and composition of the “Bus Stop” and presented a song only for Jeong Yein. The combination of pure and soft vocals and warm song atmosphere will convey warm emotions to listeners in the cold winter.

“Bus Stop” is a new digital single by Jung Yein, who announced her new transformation as a solo artist after the disbandment of Lovelyz. Earlier in January, he released “Plus and Minus” to announce his successful solo debut with hip-hop vibes and lively charm. On top of that, the “Bus Stop” plans to present a charm contrary to the previous work with a sentimental and cozy atmosphere.

Jung Ye-in’s digital single “Bus Stop” will be released at 6 p.m. on December 2.

YeIn from Lovelyz collaborated with singer Heize

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