YG Baby Monster has taken off its veil for the first stage of the BLACKPINK competition.the baptism of high praise

Baby Monster

With YG’s new girl group Baby Monster starting to select its final debut members, it surprised global music fans with its excellent performance from the first stage.

YG Entertainment posted “BABYMONSTER” – “Last Evaluation” EP.2 on its official blog on the 17th. From the cover stage of Black Pink Rose “Gone” by Team A Luca, Parita, and Ah-hyun, which was announced last week, the video shows Asa, Haram, Laura, and Chicita becoming Team B and sweating valuable beads for the mission.

Team A’s “Gone” stage, which was unveiled amid keen interest, shone with strong synergy. A-hyun, who specializes in flexible vocal techniques, perfectly played the high-level chorus, and Parita added richness with a pure and soulful tone. On top of that, Luca’s sharp rapping on top of the calm melody was added to complete “Gone,” which shows the dark color of the three.

YG senior artists continued to receive favorable reviews for the live performance that exceeded expectations. Winner Lee Seung-hoon admired, saying, “I got goosebumps singing leisurely,” and Kang Seung-yoon said, “I loved his expression and action.” “I was so into the music that I sang it happily and happily,” he praised.

Team B’s mission, consisting of Asa, Haram, Laura and Chikita, was also unveiled. I got to sing BLACKPINK’s sentimental country pop, “STAY”. The four members, who boasted strong teamwork, began to practice in earnest, starting with part distribution.

Among them, Asa claimed to be Chikita’s Korean teacher, drawing attention. Even though he is from Japan, he is fluent in Korean enough to get even difficult idioms right, and he has improved his completeness by helping to express Chikita’s accurate pronunciation.

The most important thing was the accurate interpretation of the song and the appropriate expression of emotion. As it is a song that depicts the pain of parting, AKMU Soohyun Lee made a surprise appearance as a special teaching mentor for Team B. The Soohyun Lee said, “I just have to make my own movie in my head and bring out my emotions to the fullest,” and gave affectionate encouragement to my know-how. 메이저놀이터

Starting with the four people’s “STAY” stage, which began with Haram’s sweet voice, Baby Monster preparing for the next mission, a group dance evaluation song, will be released on the third episode at midnight next Friday. In addition, BLACKPINK Lisa’s surprise visit is also expected to meet another senior and junior chemistry.

Baby Monster is YG’s first new girl group in about seven years since BLACKPINK. Most of the prospective members are teenagers, including three Koreans (Ahyun, Haram, Laura), two Thai (Parita, Chikita), and two Japanese (Luka, Asa), so it is expected to change the global music market beyond the domestic music industry in 2023.

YG Baby Monster has taken off its veil for the first stage of the

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