YG’s new girl group Baby Monster ranked 4th in “The most watched video for 24 hours”.

YG rookie girl group Baby Monster, which follows girl group BLACKPINK, is in an unusual mood even before their official debut.

 girl group Baby Monster

The group Baby Monster is a multinational group that includes foreign members as well as Koreans, and consists mostly of teenagers.

According to YG Entertainment on the 20th, the “Dance Performance” video of the Baby Monster surpassed 4.19 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release at midnight the previous day.

As a result, it was ranked fourth in the world’s “Most watched video in 24 hours.” The number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel has now reached 600,000 less than a month after its opening.

The video was filmed during the monthly evaluation, which checks the skills of the trainees every month. They received high-intensity dance training from YGX choreographer Lee Jung.

Fans responded by saying, “I can’t believe it’s a performance by teenagers” and “YG’s hip-hop swag exploded properly.”

Baby Monster has been released sequentially starting with a video announcing the launch of a new girl group on January 1st, followed by Haram, Ahyeon, and dance performances. The combined views of related videos exceeded 54.69 million views.

It can be seen that YG made an effort. The second modifier, BLACKPINK… He’s a rookie  group, Baby Monster. Fans are paying keen attention.

YG’s new girl group Baby Monster ranked 4th in “The most..

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