Younha, JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’ Weather Forecast Today (4th)… Releasing the experience of “The Arctic Horizon”


Singer Yoon-ha challenges the news weather forecast.

On the 4th, JTBC announced that Yoon-ha, who is once again gaining huge popularity for climbing the “Horizon of the Incident,” will appear in the “News Room” for the New Year. Yoon-ha will conduct a weather forecast with reporter Lee Jae-seung, who is called the “weather type” at the “news room” weather center.

Yoon-ha recently posted a message and photo on her social networking service (SNS) saying, “I went to meet Santa Claus on a dog sled,” revealing her visit to the North Pole, drawing curiosity from fans. Younha will not only compare the actual Arctic weather with the weather in South Korea, but also introduce in detail climate change that has hit the Arctic.

Younha is widely known as a “singer who is sincere in astronomy.” The Horizon of Event, which he wrote and composed himself and dominated various music charts, is a term that means the “border of black holes” that appears in astronomy. I wonder how Yoon-ha, who usually showed a special interest in astronomy, experienced the horizon of the North Pole and looked at it. Fans are looking forward to Yoon Ha-man’s attractive weather forecast, which is different from Lee Jae-seung, the weatherman of the Korea Meteorological Center.

JTBC’s “News Room” airs at 7:50 p.m. on weekdays and 5:50 p.m. on weekends.

Younha, JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’ Weather Forecast Today (4th)…

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