Yuma Asami 麻美ゆま

Yuma Asami

Another name: #Aso Yuma(麻生由真)
Date of birth: 1987-03-24 (35)
Height: 158 cm
Body Size: B96 / W58 / H88
Cup size: H cup
Debut: October 05

2015 Retirement Announcement

Born in 87 in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. Cute and bright, Geo Yu-Gimic.

My motto is HAPPY & SMILE. My paternal name is Dream, a famous Philippine pub.

Older sisters, brothers and sisters, took their own lives at a young age.

Gravia made her debut in 2005 as a member of the Burnout Girls. ALICE JAPAN & S1 debuted in the same year.

The agency is Allure and current Harvestas.

He’s been so popular since his debut. Best Actress at the 2006 Moody’s Year-end Party. 2008 Scapa Award for Most Appearances.

The first album was released in the same year and the first member of Ebisu Mascats (2010-2012 leader).

February 2013 Boundary ovarian tumor found. Unlike cervical cancer, it was caused by a congenital constitution regardless of sex.

Mascats dissolved in 2013, AV closed. End of chemotherapy in October.

Afterwards, I became a singer after a lecture and an event. An autobiography was published in 2014.

Best friends with Aoi Sora. Friendship with Ken Shimura. Fan club YUMALAND.

Yuma Asami 麻美ゆま 2015 Retirement Announcement

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