Yura Sakura さくらゆら

Yura Sakura

Date of birth: 1995-03-21 (27)
Height: 156cm.
Body size: B83 / W57 / H83
Cup size: D cup.
Debut: Debut in February 2014.

She proved that he was cute with his cute face.

She debuted exclusively in Kawaii in 2014.

She received a lot of love for his cute appearance.

In particular, it is widely known in Korea for its YouTube video on how to wash Umaibong Peak deliciously.

Best friendship with Amatsukamoe, Ayami Shunka, and Minami Kojima.

Yura Sakura was also a member of Ebisu Mascats for a while.

In May 2015, he suddenly collapsed from abdominal pain, was confirmed to have ovarian cancer, and took a short break due to studying abroad in 2016.

Ovarian cancer recurred in 2017 and retired.파워볼사이트

There is a saying that his health condition is serious, but she has not heard from him since retirement, so what has happened is unknown.

Yura Sakura She proved that he was cute with his cute face.

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