Yuri Momose 桃瀬ゆり Born in 1990, she is an AV actress

Yuri Momose

Another name: #Erika Takeuchi(竹内恵理香) #Yurina Momosaki(桃咲ゆり菜) #Momosaki(彩咲もも香)
Date of birth: 1993-05-14 (29)
Height: 160 cm
Body Size: B85 / W58 / H84
Cup size: D cup
Debut: October 15

Born in 1990, she is an AV actress from Kanagawa Prefecture who was a member of a prime agency company.

She made her debut as a Kikatan actress in October 2015 without signing an exclusive contract with an AV production company.

He said he was 37 when Prestige made his debut in 2015.

Profile was born in 1990 and was only 25 years old when she shot the film.

Now that I’m retired, I don’t know my profile exactly.

Seeing that your favorite singer likes x-Japan gray, which was very popular in the 80s, he must be quite old.

I think I was in my late 30s.

He has never changed his company and temporarily worked as Momoka Ayasaki for a total of three films.

She wrote her name several times depending on the work, but it was temporary, and her boyfriend was the reason for her debut.

I had a boyfriend at the time of my debut and I was a bad guy, but I think I should have given him money and valuables.

So he made his debut because he needed money.

She says she has lived in the United States and her specialty is English, but no one has ever heard of it.

After her debut, she said she wanted to focus on perv fetish.

That hope begins to increase the role of M in 2016.

The genre that the starting point found her strengths in the work released on January 1, 2016 was SM.

Yuri Momose 桃瀬ゆり Born in 1990, she is an AV actress

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