Yurina Momose

Yurina Momose

Another name: #Yuino(ゆいの) #Kano Yume(叶夢) #Yua Kuramoti (倉持結愛)
Date of birth: 1990-08-19
Height: 160 cm
Body Size: B95 / W63 / H92
Cup size: H cup
Debut: Debut in September 2015

a former Japanese AV actress

In February 2013, she debuted as Yua Kuramoti (倉持結愛).

In October 2014, she changed her name to Yuino(ゆいの).

Since August 2015, it has been renamed as Yurina Momose(桃瀬友梨奈).

Although she is 159 centimeters tall, she has a strong fan base because of his overwhelming bust and voluminous body.

However, acting is not a big deal.

She announced his retirement in November 2016

She has since been active in gravure under the pseudonym kanou_yume

It is famous for its resemblance to Ai Shinozaki.

Yurina Momose

Yurina Momose 桃瀬友梨奈 a former Japanese AV actress

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