Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition sold in December

Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition

Samsung Electronics announced on the 9th that it will sell the “Galaxy Z Flip 4” special edition in cooperation with the French luxury brand “Maison Margiela” in major global countries such as Korea and France from the 1st of next month.

Maison Margiela is a luxury brand founded in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, and this edition has a unique design that looks like the actual inside of Z Flip4 through X-ray scanning.

It also features a paint texture expressed with a rough brush in the design. The user may select a theme in black and white colors.

The price is still undecided, and given the previous case in which Z Flip collaborated with luxury brands, the price is expected to be in the mid to late 2000 dollars range.

It will be sold on Samsung Electronics’ website and its limited-edition trading platform Cream (KREAM) in Korea.

Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition sold in December

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