Zacare, who left with a broken arm and a smile, finally announced his retirement from the MMA.


The crocodile is leaving. UFC middleweight fighter Ronaldo Souza [Zacare] (41, Brazil) has decided to retire.

In an interview with Brazilian media Kombate on the 11th, Zacare said, “I left Jujitsu early and played many mixed martial arts games. I don’t want to fight again now. It’s really over. “I’m going to retire from mixed martial arts and return to the Jiu-jitsu stage, which I loved so much and made history.”

Zacare suffered a devastating defeat at UFC 262 in May. Andre Munyoz caught Amba. He broke his arm without time to tap and lost to technical submission in the first round at 3:59 seconds.

It was the first time that he lost to a submission in 2003 when he made his debut in mixed martial arts and played 37 games. With his arm broken, he admitted defeat and left the Octagon with a smile, but “Super Black Belt”‘s pride fell to the ground.

He has also been mired in four consecutive losses in four games. Zacare is 41 years old, and there was no guarantee that he could compete at the top even if he returned after a long period of injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the showdown with Munyoz was the last match of the UFC contract. UFC, which has not recently renewed contracts with veterans with high fight money and poor performance, has also not sent Zacare a new contract.

Zacare is a Jiujitsu legend. The most prestigious Jiujitsu competition, the World Brazilian Jiujitsu Championship (Mundial), won gold medals in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

In mixed martial arts, he was also well-known as a high-end submission graffler. In 37 games, he won 26 wins, 10 losses, and 1 invalid record with 14 wins as a submission.

Zacare won the Strike Force Middleweight Championship in 2010. However, he has never tried to win a title in the UFC. He lost to Joel Romero, Robert Whitaker and Kelvin Gasstellum in front of the challenge and was pushed out of the title competition. 토토사이트

Zacare, who left with a broken arm and a smile

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