“Zindin Zidane, please study English.”The reason why he refuses the EPL offer.

Zinedine Zidane, study English.

Zindin Zidane

Recently, Spanish media “Mundo Deportivo” commented that it is because “I can’t speak English” regarding French football “Living Legend” Zinedine Zidane, who is considering his destination, not taking the helm of the English Premier League (EPL) club. Referring to Bayern Munich (Germany), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Juventus (Italy), and Real Madrid (Spain), where Zidane is rumored to be appointed, the media said, “There is no EPL, one of the most powerful and competitive leagues in the world.” The reason is that I can’t speak English.’

He also introduced the remarks of Stephen Brng, a former basketball player who appeared on a sports program of France’s “RMC Sports.” “Zidane doesn’t know English, so he’s closed the EPL. “What did you do during the break?” he said. “It is essential to speak another language for your career.” “I’m missing my chance to go to a strong league (EPL) with the best players and a great stadium,” he said. He also said, “Is there actually a story about my return to Real Madrid? Wouldn’t we be tired of seeing Zidane there? I want to see it somewhere else. “I want you to make an effort (to study English),” he added.

Zidane has been away from the field for a long time since he stepped down as Real Madrid coach in May 2021. Recently, it was said that he was offered by EPL Chelsea, but “Mundo Deportivo” did not seem to have been accepted by Zidane. Originally, he preferred to coach the French national team, but he failed to achieve his goal as Didier Deschamps remained.

“Zindin Zidane, please study English.”The reason why he refuses

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