Zion.T and Onestein will perform the best performance ever on the last show of “Show Me the Money 11.”


On the 30th, “Show Me the Money 11” said in a TV report, “Zion.T and Onestein will participate in the final stage as featuring.”

In “Show Me the Money 11,” which will be broadcast live on this day, the long-awaited winner will be born among Lee Young-ji, Dunmalic, Blase, and Heo Sung-hyun, who rose to TOP 4.

“Show Me the Money 11” said, “We cannot disclose who Zion.T and Onestein featured in,” adding, “Please look forward to the all-time performance.”

Zion.T, meanwhile, was a producer in 5, 9, and 10 last season. In particular, in season 10, he participated in the best hit song of “Show Me the Money 10,” Sokodomo’s “Merry-Go-Round,” in harmony with Slom and Onestein.

Onestein was eliminated in seasons 4, 7 and 8, but was recognized for his skills in season 9. At that time, he received attention for his unrivaled voice and stage digestion and established himself as a “popular trend.”

The final stage of “Show Me The Money 11” will be broadcast live at 11 p.m. on the same day.

Singer Onestein profile and career

– Profile History History

one’s real name
Jung Ji-won (Jung Ji-won)

the age of birth
May 6, 1995 (27 years old)

one’s native place
Bukil-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Body Key Blood Type
165 cm, O type, 265 mm
a family relationship

educational background
Naesu Elementary School (Graduation)
Cheongju Technical High School (Department of Industrial Energy Equipment / Graduation)

the military service
South Korean Army Sgt. Expiration

He has a husky distinctive tone that seems to be a mixture of good vocalization and nasal sound, and is an artist with an artistic and original musical style that blends well with R&B elements and hip-hop elements. Especially in Freak, he used his melodic voice well.

Opinions are divided on whether the music style is hip-hop or rap, and the shave at the time of Show Me 9’s broadcast is not within the category of rap I think. It’s great music, but I can’t win the show with this,’ said Beenzino, and I don’t know if it’s right to classify it as a rapper. I’d understand if it was a singing rap, but you sing so well. It’s ambiguous, but if you believe it’s rap, it’s rap.’ In short, he is not just a rapper, but a style that goes back and forth in various genres within the big framework of black music.

The lyrics are also quite good, and the aspect of being a lyricist is also visible. The musical ability and spectrum are excellent enough to be considered as the Korean version of Ty Dollasign.

When I was a student, I made a crew called Under People born in 1995 and worked as a leader. For your information, ACACY is also from Under People. Currently, there is no mention of whether it is left as a memory.

Onestein, Ambassador for Save the Children
– 2022. 11. 17

Zion.T and Onestein will perform the best performance..

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